Alek Vartan

About The Designer

ImageVartan's Jewelers is a family establishment born from three decades of fine jewelry craftsmanship. The welding of a warm family environment with our innovative team of expert jewelers has created a unique line of diamond jewelry that is unparalleled in style and quality. We travel all over the world in pursuit of diamonds with the highest color and purity, and those cut only by the most experienced cutters in our trade.

In his twenty-two year career as a diamond specialist, Vartan Kesheshian takes pride in his dedication to fine craftsmanship, integrity of service, and delivering high quality jewelry. His knowledge and passion is evident in his fine jewelry designs: each exquisite piece is chosen and completed to the ultimate level of execution, using only the finest quality of diamonds and precious metals.

Vartan's specializes in engagement and wedding rings, fine platinum and gold jewelry, and center stone diamonds of all sizes and shapes. The high standards of the most discerning customer are met with confidence, assurance, and unsurpassed perfection.

The service and the personal attention given to each client have earned us long-lasting friendships with our clients over the years, and that is the foundation of our business.